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    LED Lighting Solutions (LLS) has been successfully providing the US Navy MIL-Qualified LED lighting products for shipboard applications for over 8 years, and now are pleased to offer full turnkey Installation Services as well.

    In the GTG room image above, you can see a burned out globe. The inefficient lights within the GTG and Helo Hangers are constantly burning out, and creating constant work for ships force. These spaces are in desperate need of LED lighting upgrades, and we can help!

    • Product and Installation can be procured under ONE part and ONE requisition number.
    • MILSTRIP or MIPR funds can be used for Parts and Installation.
    • One part number will include:
      • LED Product
      • Installation
      • Recycling of HAZMAT
      • Shipping
      • Equipment (JGL, Scissor, etc.)
    • Navy Installation Team with over 25 years’ experience
    • Jobs awarded within 2-3 weeks
    • Save over 60% when using our trained installation Team

    You can finally stop spending so much time and money on replacing inefficient lighting products, and more time on important shipboard tasks.

    For a free product and installation quote, please email us.